Fruit water detox - Best way to start

Fruit water detox is one of the best ways to get rid of harmful toxins. There are many easily available fruit and herbs that have detox qualities. When we infuse these useful stuff with water, we get detox water.

But why only water? Why not soda for example? The answer is simple - drinking more water has loads of health benefits.

When you infuse water with fruit and herbs, the detox water so formed becomes a great drink to throw the toxins out of your body.

Detox fruit water

Why people drink fruit water detox?

Every person has specific benefits in mind. But there are 3 main purposes for people to drink fruit water (or want to start drinking).

  1. Beauty purpose:

    A good detox results in radiant, younger and clearer skin, fresh eyes, better hair quality and even body posture. This happens because detox water flushes the toxins out of the body. Toxins block the oxygen supply to cells. When toxins are gone, the affected cells start absorbing the nutrients afresh and the body parts reflect this positive change.
  2. Fitness purpose:

    Detox is excellent and effective way to lose fat and stay fit. Detox leaves your body slim and fit. The toxins are stored inside fat cells which are specially generated by your body to hide toxins inside (so that they do not create havoc inside body). When toxins are kicked out, the fat becomes useless for the body and melts away and excreted thereafter.
  3. General health:

    Many people drink detox water for it's outright health benefits. Fruit water gives you immense health benefits if you do it the right way.

    Most of the common fruit and herbs used in detox water, e.g. lemon, cucumber, mint, berries, orange, cinnamon, etc. are great anti-oxidants, very good for heart and brain activity, restores liver and kidney functions and support the bones and joints. Detox water is greatly improves metabolism.

Specific reasons to drink detox water

You must definitely make fruit water, especially when you want to lose weight. You can make your healthy fruit water tasty! It need not be a bland, boring drink.

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How to make detox water with fruit

Moreover, will you complain if your usual plain water becomes just a bit tastier, cleansing your body of toxins and making you fit and healthy along the way? I certainly won't :-)

There are several types of detox water. Depending on the ingredients you use may have beneficial effects on specific body functions. You can take a detox water to stop and prevent bloating, a detox water to clean your kidneys to remove toxins and so on.

Here I'll show you some recipes and show you where can you get more recipes, all for free. I have briefly explained the purpose of each fruit water recipe.

Making Fruit water: what do you need?

Most detox water recipes follow a common pattern. I have detailed out all the stuff that you would want ready before making fruit detox water.

  • A nice glass water jug or pitcher ​​or bottle.
  • a blender
  • Cold water or ice cube
  • honey as a sweetener
  • Fruit, herbs or vegetables (depending on which fruit water). I particularly like grapefruit, lemon, cucumber, orange
  • Straws

I always use nice color straws surrounded by fruit slices, looks super cute! Fruit water looks so yummy and yo ufeel great knowing it has so many vitamins and minerals.

The day before yesterday I made super delicious detox smoothies. I have shared my smoothies recipe here.

Fruit Water: 5 delicious recipes

I like lots of tasty (and healthy) food. Detox water fits very well in my simple diet.

I really love to keep an eye on the latest healthy trends in food. Of course 90% of that is market noise but there are some good stuff out there. I have got deeper into the subject so I can separate grain from chaff :-)

Today I share five delicious fruit water combinations!

How to make fruit water detox

Fruit water is made very easily and quickly - that's the best part.

  1. Cut all the vegetables into small pieces/slices
  2. Place the cliced vegetables in a large jug of water/pitcher
  3. Leave for few hours, about 2-4 hours
  4. You fruit water i sready! Very simple, right?

1. Strawberry with Lime

Strawberry infused fruit lime water

A delicious combination! Lime has a is strong flavor, so I recommend to use more strawberries in proportion. For a pint of water two slices of lime and a handful of strawberries to enjoy it.

2. Watermelon with mint

Mint watermelon detox water

I've been drinking, watermelon. Yes, definitely! Two delicious flavors mix nicely and quickly. This fruit water can be had almost immediately after making. Very refreshing! I used a pint of water one hand watermelon cubes and 2 sprigs of mint.

3. Orange with blueberries

This combination is the best if you let them nix for few hours. The blueberry flavor needs time to release. The flavor of orange is very common and most people know it. Blueberries give the tasty finishing touch. Use a pint of a handful of berries and orange 2 wedges.

4. Lemon, cucumber with ginger

Fruit water Cucumber lime ginger

Water with lemon is a common combination. With some cucumber and ginger, this drink becomes more tasty and powerful detox water. The lemon adds a fresh breath! The flavors of the fruit are absorbed quickly into the water. Per pint of water you use juice of one lemon, 4 thin slices of cucumber and a cube of half inch ginger.

5. Raspberry lemon and rosemary

Raspberries rosemary lemon fruit water detox

A lesser known, but very successful detox combination. I never thought this would taste so nice, but that's true! For half a liter of water I used 2 slices apple, a handful of raspberries and used half a branch of rosemary.

Tip: You can add the ingredients and leave the mix for few hours. Also, you can tweak and change the amount of fruit yourself. It's just what you find tasty! You can also use frozen fruit, easy in winter when the fruit range is less extensive.

Top 30 Detox Water Recipes

Do not starve yourself, it does not help you lose weight

Those who understand the basics of detox from right sources already know that. Or you may try doing yourself to see if starving helps you (I do not actually recommend that!).

Problem is not with eating more. Or with eating unhealthy stuff (that's a symptom, not cause).

The main culprit is the URGE to eat more unhealthy stuff.

Toxins play an important role in fat accumulation. When you body needs healthy heavy metals like iron, it and it doesn't get it, it uses the toxic heavy metals which are unhealthy. That requires generation of more fat cells to store them.

So starvation actually forces your body to put more wight if you forget about toxins. Any weight loss diet or plan is useless (rather counterproductive) if it doesn't detox.

I do not recommend any weight loss diet plan because most are useless (specially the ones that shout the loudest on TV and internet). And the ones that work, they do not work for all.

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Did you realize?

It is absorbed by your body to easily because it's in liquid form so there is no overhead on your digestive system.

As you drink it, it is partly absorbed by your kidneys. And do not forget it's detox drink and lot of toxins are sitting right in your kidney! It swings into action right away.

In addition, natural soda drink a no-go when you want to lose weight, so you better replace it by making much tastier fruit water :-)

Lastly - of course it's very important to drink enough water, it will not be difficult with such delicious fruit water detox drink!

Do let me know via comments, if you need any help, I'll be glad you asked :-)

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