Lemon water detox recipe and diet plan

As you already know that I almost every morning start with a glass of water with lemon. So here I'm going to tell you more about my lemon water detox plan and what results you can expect, if you join me.

recipe of Lemon water detox diet for weight loss

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Why drink plenty of water during a detox?

During detox, your body specially needs a lot of water. Anyway, you need daily water for your body functions to work properly, but the most important aspect is surely to clean all waste discharge from the body. This is specially true during a detox as more toxins are flushed out during that time.

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Every morning, starting the day with a glass of water is very healthy for you. Ideally you should drink water empty stomach, and it should not be too cold! Cold water needs to be brought to body temperature for using it, so a little warm water (think similar to body temperature) will receive much better results.

Besides, adding fresh lemon juice to your water also has some significant health benefits, which I tell you about in this page

Benefits of Lemon water

What are the benefits of lemon detox water?

  • The antioxidants in lemons for cleaning your blood and make for a beautiful skin and fewer wrinkles.
  • A lemon contains pectin (fiber), which reduces your hunger in a natural way. In addition, it is proven that people who follow a more alkaline diet, lose weight easier and faster.
  • Lemons contain vitamin C, a number of B vitamins as well as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Potassium is known for it's weight loss and control qualities. (Ref: research study)
  • Lemon helps to lighten old acne scars when applied directly on skin externally. When you detox using lemon water, it internally heals your skin and over a period of few weeks, you will notice lightening of acne scars. (Ref: research study)
  • Vitamin C gives the immune system a boost and ensures that you are less likely to catch a cold or flu. Our body vitamin C also consumed by stress, so it is important to supplement this for own good.
  • Potassium stimulates the brain and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. It gives you long-lasting energy. If you can (and I highly recommend you should) try and replace your morning hot coffee with a glass of warm water with lemon. I have done this and it took me a couple of weeks to adjust, but thankfully I now have no need for morning coffee.
  • Water with lemon also increases your pH value. With higher ph value, you deny harmful bacteria and fungi a pleasant living environment. This prevents inflammation and fight your pain. For example, enter Candida no space to multiply in an acidic body.
  • Lemon water supports your digestion and allows toxins to get excreted easily. This is specially true if you drink detox lemon water in empty stomach, you'll achieve the better results. You will also see symptoms such as heartburn and bloating disappear.
  • Lemon water stimulates the liver. By putting the liver to efficient work, it helps you to detox the liver and cleanse your body. You notice this especially if you drink alcoholic stuff. A clean liver has no problem in handling the challenge alcohol throws at it.
  • A lemon by itself helps in a pleasant breath in the morning. It is delightfully fresh and your mouth is clean immediately. (My "natural toothpaste" I call it sometimes.)

Detox with lemon water diet

Recipe of detox water with lemon

  • Fill a large glass (250-350 mL) with water. (you can use warm water and slowly replace your morning coffee with warm lemon water for stunning results). To get out of the body I often use a half glass of boiled water, and fill the other half with ice cold water from the tap. Then you also have the ideal temperature to drink it directly.
  • Squeeze the juice of half a lemon and add it to the hot water.
  • If you wish, you may also add some fresh ginger or cayenne pepper for more taste and more vitamins and minerals.
  • Stir well, and drink immediately (with a straw).
  • Wait for half an hour before you eat anything.

Lemon detox water side effect

Lemon juice can be very intense for your tooth enamel, and if you brush your teeth immediately after drinking it, your body can not handle this acid exposure, and may affect your enamel. It's better to wait at least 20 minutes before you go to brush your teeth! If you still face problems with your teeth, use a straw while drinking!

So! I hope I've helped you visualize a healthy start to your day. And I know I'll just keep on following my detox plan with this good habit of drinking hot water with lemon.

The "secret" lemon water twist for sureshot results

So here's what I promised to reveal the lemon water detox recipe known only to few people. The general recipe above works well if you are disciplined in your diet and lifestyle.

In short, it works only under perfect conditions otherwise the gains are negligible. The catch is, do we always eat "perfect" food? I hear an emphatic no. Well, this lesser known recipe works if you at least try to be half disciplined about junk and fatty foods :-)

Most effective lemon water recipe for weight loss

To begin with, juice two one-inch ginger cubes and 5-6 lemongrass bulbs. Now juice 5-6 lemons and and mix it up with ginger+lemongrass juice. Put it inside a jar or closed container and put in refrigerator.

How to make the "secret" lemon water detox drink

  1. Take half liter of warm water
  2. Mix 4 tbs of the above mixture (lemon juice+ginger+lemongrass)
  3. 1 tbs of raw honey
  4. Drink it when empty stomach anytime of the day, definitely first thing in morning for best results. Don't eat anything 30 minutes after drinking it.
  5. If you start today, share your photos with me after 2-3 weeks :-)

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