Cucumber lemon ginger water- Lose 15 lbs in 7 days

A tight, flat belly is desired by all of us! Unfortunately, most people (including myself) have struggled with this, and we easily store fat around the waist.

With a few simple tips, however, you can have a flat and healthy belly minus that annoying bloated feeling. This is possible to do in a week or so, if you sincerely follow the instructions given in the video (below).

The video reveals the authentic recipe for a simple lemon, ginger, cucumber and mint detox water that gives significant and quick results in 7 short days.

Lemon Cucumber detox water for flat belly

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Lemon, mint, ginger and cucumber water for a flat tummy

Everyone dreams of a nice, tight and flat stomach. It's not just a matter of eating less. Your body has a certain state in which it creates belly fat quickly, but also a state where you just lose belly fat real fast.

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The two types of abdominal fat

There are two types of fat- subcutaneous fat and organ fat. Subcutaneous fat is between your skin and muscle. You can grasp and it feels soft. Organ fat is sitting around major organs like the heart, lungs, stomach and liver. Organ fat is also known as visceral fat.

Too much organ fat also hinders the functioning of our organs, thereby increasing the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

In short: Too much organ fat and subcutaneous fat together are the cause of a big belly.

What causes a big belly?

When you eat more calories than you consume, you are going to store fat. The place where you store the most fat is not entirely due to your genes.

Your body has a certain "state" which creates the abdominal fat. It is well know fact that the hormone cortisol has a lot to do with creation of abdominal fat.

Cortisol - which is the stress hormone - is produced by the body at the time of stress, lack of sleep or when we eat unhealthy food.

Yale university did a research study which showed that stress is a major contributor to belly fat. This happens due to function of the hormone cortisol.

Cortisol ​​changes the way your body handles fat, by as much energy as possible to save around your abdomen because cortisol is most active in that part.

Also, cortisol is known to increase your appetite, making you likely to eat more.

Why exercises do not work on belly fat?

The biggest misconception about abdominal exercises is that they burn only belly fat. No matter what exercise you do, if you burn fat it never happens locally. You burn fat from all over your body.

Abdominal exercises strengthen the muscles in your abdominal area and have a stabilizing function, but they have little or no role in burning belly fat.

The truth is that abdominal exercises only strengthen the abdomen. If that is your goal, then you can go for abdominal exercises.

If you're mostly interested in burning belly fat, abdominal exercises will be of little help.

You do this not to be too heavy because the expansion of the waist circumference equally affects slim types and we are seeing more prevalent in women. Storing extra fat in the abdominal area is a fairly normal occurrence and natural body function to handle fat.

Often you may find that your stomach in the morning is not really bloated but gradually expands throughout the day and gets rounder and weaker is the afternoon and evening, and then still more convex after the meal.

This is not only because of our predominantly sedentary lifestyles but also certain food items such as processed food, soft drinks, too much carbohydrates and even certain fruit mixtures cause sagging belly.

How cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint water fight belly fat

The recipe for this delicious lemonade is not only good for reducing a bloated feeling , but also reduces your waist size and will simultaneously take care of getting rid of excess weight in general.

How does this simple drink make it possible and what are the effects of the ingredients in this simple lemonade?

Let's take a closer look.

1. Lemon

Lose belly fat with lemon water recipe

These acidic fruit contains ascorbic acid, which is known to aid digestion, making it easier to break down the food, so that healthy nutrients easily be absorbed by the body.

So, lemon is excellent way to stimulate the metabolism, also giving a quick satiety and prevents accumulation of gas in the digestive system. This delicious, fresh fruit is a powerful ingredient of any diet solution to lose weight.

2. Ginger

Ginger water lemonade recipe

Lose Weight with ginger? Yes, it greatly helps! Ginger has well known anti-inflammatory properties and the most important building material, gingerol, making it a very powerful antioxidant.

Gingerol furthermore stimulates the action of the intestines and stomach, which reduces the accumulation of fat and prevents accumulation of gas. In combination with the other ingredients of this lemonade, it is a real miracle drink to get a nice, flat stomach.

3. Mint

Mint lemon water recipe

Very few plants and herbs can match the natural qualities of mint for the digestive system and metabolism. Mint calms the digestive tract and promotes smooth bowel movements.

It supports the natural flow in the body, helps prevent heartburn and flatulence, is anti-inflammatory and helps excellently against nausea.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber lemon water to lose weight in belly

Fresh cucumber is well known anti-inflammatory with a controlled cooling effect. Cucumber is often used in face masks and is known as a remedy for dark circles under the eyes. probably you already knew that.

But did you also know that it has excellent wicking properties and is used as a natural remedy for bladder and kidney inflammation?

These, including extra body fat are conditions that are known to retain body fluid. So cucumber is also a good ally in the fight against this bloated and bulging belly.

Tasty Cucumber ginger mint lemonade recipe


  • 2 liters of water
  • 1 lemon, preferably organic
  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 2 tablespoons ground ginger
  • 10 mint leaves


This lemonade is very easy to prepare. Start with the mint infusion by boiling mint leaves in a cup of water. Let it boil for five minutes and set aside.

Then lemon juice is prepared by squeezing the lemon. Cut several elongated strips of lemon, peel to decorate the lemonade. Peel and mash the cucumber. Mix the pureed cucumber with lemon juice and mint infusion.

Mix this mixture with half liter of water and add two tablespoons of ground ginger, lemon zest if desired to have some mint leaves. The best fat loss detox water is ready!.

How to drink this ginger, mint and cucumber lemonade?

This simple recipe will give 2 liters of lemonade, which you can use as a supportive diet tonic during the day. Drink preferably 30 minutes before or after breakfast, lunch and dinner during the day.

If possible, try to drink it first thing in the morning, empty stomach.

This lemonade is fresh and you must combine with a healthy detox diet that is low in fat with good nutrients to get that tight, flat belly quickly.

Do let me know via comments, if you need any help, I'll be glad you asked :-)

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